Friday, February 12, 2016

Prog & Roll radio show with Matthew Parmenter (Discipline) as special guest...

  I feel really happy and kind of honoured to announce that on this Sunday (14/2/2016) we are going to have the brilliant musician - and leader of the band Discipline - Matthew Parmenter as special guest on the chatbox of Prog & Roll.
  Matthew is one of the most talented artists in America's "modern" Progressive Rock music scene, and in case you are not familiar with his name, make a small research on the internet.
 During the 2 hours of the show he will be chatting with us and everybody that will be on the chatbox at the time. From our behalf, we will include some songs from his solo albums and his works with Discipline in our playlist, in order to honor him.
 Almost a month ago, Matthew released his excellent 3rd solo album All Our Yesterdays, from which we will play a couple of songs as well.
 His music seems to be highly influenced by the style of Peter Hammil and Vand Der Graaf Generator, but in a sofet and modern way let's say. 
  During his years with Discipline, he created his stage persona "The Magic Acid Mime", an ironic costume with a painted face, that in my eyes seems like the Genesis-era Peter Gabriel's performances mixed with Alice Cooper.
  So, if you would like to "meet" him somehow, just join our show on Sunday the 14th of February.
Prog & Roll is a live radio show, and the broadcasting is mostly in English and Greek as well.
The show starts at 20.00 UK time, and it's always on time! :-)
If you want to listen, just press the following link at the time I mentioned above:
Hope to "see" you there!
Thank you! :-)
P.S: By clicking on the following links you can listen to a couple of his songs if you want.
DISCIPLINE: Before the Storm (Part.1)