Friday, February 19, 2016

MATTHEW PARMENTER: All Our Yesterdays (2016)

  For those who aren’t familiar with his name, I should inform you that Matthew Parmenter was the mastermind behind the American Progressive Rock band ‘Discipline’. After the band broke up, he followed a solo career, and he released 3 studio albums so far, with ‘All Our Yesterdays’ being his latest effort.
(A few days ago, we had Matthew as special guest in our radio show Prog & Roll, so I had to listen to his new album lots of times in order to prepare a small presentation).
   The album includes 10 songs and has a total running time of almost 40 minutes. Almost all the songs have a rather dark & melodic style, with the piano being the dominant instrument. As for Matthew’s influences, they surely do have a name: Peter Hammill!  In ‘All Our Yesterdays’ Matthew is playing all the instruments, with the drums being the only exception. (The album’s official release is set for the 11th of March, but you can download the album already, from the artist’s Bandcamp page). 

  As I wrote above, I listened to the album lots of times, and I have to say that it really grows on you. I wasn’t so much impressed at start, but after a few listenings (at a proper hour), I really loved it! Matthew’s voice is colorful and passionate, and as the music’s slowly revealing its strength accompanies his voice perfectly.
  I remember that I was trying to pick 3 songs - (at first) - to play at the show, and I couldn’t choose. I really loved all the songs, each one for different reasons. And I still can’t decide which my favorite songs are; depends on the time of the day and my mood I guess.
But if I had to pick some, then my choice would be: Sceherazade, I Am a Shadow, All for Nothing, All Our Yesterdays and Hey for the Dance.
I have all 3 albums of Matthew Parmenter in my collection, and I have to say that this is maybe the more “mature” album he ever recorded. Maybe his devoted fans will be kind of disappointed, but I really believe that this is a brilliant album!
Here's the track list:

1. Scheherazade
2. Danse du Ventre
3. Digital
4. I Am a Shadow
5. All for Nothing
6. All Our Yesterdays
7. Stuff in the Bag
8. Inside
9. Consumption
10. Hey for the Dance

Highly Recommended, especially to the fans of Peter Hammil and Van Der Graaf Generator!
My rating would be between  3.5 – 4.0 out of 5.0 stars.