Friday, June 3, 2016

Prog & Roll welcomes Pat Sanders of Drifting Sun... (5/6/2016)

  I'm writing this piece in order to inform you that on this Sunday 5/6/2016 Prog & Roll radio show will have as guest on the chatbox Pat Sanders, the leader and mastermind of the Neo-Prog band Drifting Sun. 
This is not the first time Pat is joining our show, as a special guest or as a listener, it's the 3rd of 4rth time I think. Pat is a very friendly and cool person, and every time we had great time and lots of fun.
  From our behalf we prepared a small presentation to Drifting Sun's very good new album 'Safe Asylum', and during the 2 hours of the show we will play 4 songs out of it, while Pat will be chatting with us and the people that will be on the chatbox at the time.
 You can read a small "review" I wrote for Safe Asylum a few days ago here if you want:
Further than that, Pat send us a signed copy of Safe Asylum, which we will give as a prize in our music quiz.
 So, if you are free and in the mood, try not to miss this Sunday's Prog & Roll, it will be lots of fun!
I just want to remind you that Prog & Roll is a live show, and the broadcast in mostly in English but also in Greek as well.
It begins at 20.00 UK time, and lasts for 2 hours.
You can listen to Prog & Roll online, by clicking on the following link, at the time and day I mentioned above:
I hope to "see" you there.
Thank you! :-)