Wednesday, September 28, 2016

TV Series: Narcos - Season 2 (2016 - Netflix)

                         WARNING: Spoilers Ahead!
All Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar wanted,  was to be able to spend some quiet time with his family, smoke his fine (I’m guessing) Colombian weed, and run his Cocaine business in peace.
And if he had to slaughter every living soul in his country to get these things, so be it. 
  Before I continue writing this piece, I think I should make clear that I enjoyed this show so much, that I didn’t want it to end. Because for me, ‘Narcos’ is finished. And here’s why: Although Netflix did a fantastic job with this series, I strongly believe that they messed it up totally with their plans. Because, when you have to deal with a real person and not a fictional character, there is not much you can do, since there is a historical background anyway. Everybody, even if he/she never heard of Pablo Escobar before, can make a research and learn almost everything about his life. So, when this series begun, everybody knew that is was going to end with Escobar’s death. But as it seems, there is a lot of money involved in this business…
  I finished Season 1, and I was literally counting the days for the 2nd season to begin. But a few days before that, I learned that Netflix announced 2 more seasons for Narcos. That was it for me. It spoiled my whole appetite for the show, and that is maybe the reason I delayed to begin watching the 2nd season so much.
  In the 1st season we witness the rise of Pablo Escobar and we watched him “building” his empire from the late 70’s ‘till 1992. Knowing beforehand that Pablo Escobar was killed in 1993, we knew that there wasn’t much time left for him anyway. So, when I heard that there will be 2 more seasons, I understood where the whole thing is going and kind of lost my interest. Anyway…
  Season 2 picks up in 1992, after Escobar’s prison escape and only covers the last year before his murder in 1993. Because the events are taking a very dramatic turn, this season is more focused on Escobar himself. So, we are watching him fall and slowly but steadily loosing his allies, his money and his men. Near the end, he is hiding, trying to escape his fate, having after him the whole Colombian Police Force, plus some of his Rival cartels that are trying to steal a piece of his former empire. He finally meets his end on a terrace, shot by man of the Colombian Police force.
  Wagner Moura, in the role of Escobar is fantastic, especially in this 2nd season. I am really going to miss his performance to be honest. Congratulations Mr. Moura, you did a really great job!
  Concluding this, I just want to add that I definitely recommend Narcos, to those who are interested in TV series, and are not bothered by the extreme - in some occasions - violence. Personally, I enjoyed it a lot, but I am not going to continue watching it. For me Narcos is finished here.
  In the review I wrote about season 1, I gave a solid 9.0 out of 10. I am going to give exactly the same number in season 2 as well, so my overall rating is 9.0 out of 10.0 stars. 
                                 IMDB’s rating is 8.9 out of 10.0
If you are interested, you can read the - rather detailed – review I wrote for season 1 here:
If you click on the following YT link, you will be able to watch a trailer for season 2.
I hope you’ll find this post kind of useful. Thank you for reading…