Thursday, February 2, 2017

GFreedom’s 2016 Top-10 album list. (Part.3)

           SIVERT HOYEM: Lioness
  Sivert Hoyem is one of my most beloved artists during the last two decades.  I am following his album releases since 1996, when together with his band – Madrugada – released the wonderful Industrial Silence. After Madrugada disbanded, he is following a solo career, releasing albums on a rather often basis. His latest release was Lioness, in 2016. I really liked the album, that’s why I’m adding it here, in this list. 
In case you are interested, here’s a post I wrote about it a few months ago:

VERBAL DELIRIUM: The Imprisoned Words of Fear    
The 3rd studio album by the Greek very talented band Verbal Delirium really impressed me. I know the band, I know the guys, I know their music style, so I wasn’t expecting any surprises in this albums. But there were some. First and most important, there has been a rather major change in their general music style. Verbal Delirium had a more “pop” outcome in many of their songs in the past, and that was something that was bothering me. 
  I really believe that these guys can write very beautiful melodies and soft melancholic tunes, but when it comes to more upbeat songs, they had a small problem. (Always according to my taste in music). In this album, they proved that they really know how to Rock! Their style became heavier, noisier, and in more than one occasions is flirting with Prog-Metal.  
  The Imprisoned Words of Fear is an album that I keep listening on and on and it sounds better every time! 
In case you are interested, here’s a review I wrote about it a few months ago:

  THE YOSSI SASSI BAND: Roots and Roads
  Ok, this is a surprise even for me! When this album was released, I never thought that I was going to add it in my Top-10 list, but you know what? Never say never!   Upon the album’s release, I had the pleasant opportunity to speak with Yassi through skype, interviewed him, and a few weeks later, have him as “guest” in Prog & Roll radio show.
  There, we did a small presentation on this album, in which I gave 3.5 stars in my review back then. If I was able to re-write the review now, I would give 4 stars; and that’s because after many listening, the album “grew” in me.
   I really believe that Roots and Roads is a very interesting and rather “different” album. It has strong Ethnic Mediterranean influences, and since I am from Greece, I find it very “comfortable” and easy to listen. For those reasons, I decided to add it in my Top-10 album list of 2016. 
Here’s the post/review I wrote about it almost 7 months ago:

  Concluding this 3rd part, I would like to inform you that one more part is going to follow in a few days, including the 4-5 albums that entered the final draft, but didn’t enter the Top-10 list finally. But despite that, all of them are truly wonderful albums that I listen very often.