Monday, November 6, 2017

Prog n Roll radio show with Karl Groom of Threshold as special guest. (5/11/2017). The complete playlist and more...

Hello all!
  Last night one more Prog n roll radio show was online as usual. This time we had the pleasure and honour to have on our chatbox the leader of Threshold, Karl Groom.
 Exactly one week before the band's live gig in Athens and the opening of their European tour, we and our listeners had the chance to "meet" him and spent some time altogether, while we were chatting and listening to music.
  During the show, we played some parts of the interview we conducted with him a couple of weeks ago, and played some songs from Threshold's new album Legends of the Shires.
  We also had a music quiz, and the winner took as a prize a CD copy of Legends of the Shires, signed by the band. The winner was the person with the nickname Proghead, from UK, who answered correctly and he was really quick with both questions. So, he won the CD!
  I believe it was an interesting show, and the 2 hours passed very fast.
Here you can check the playlist:

1st Part: URIAH HEEP: Traveller in time / BLUE OYSTER CULT: Veteran of the psychic wars / LED ZEPPELIN: The rover / RAINBOW: Gates of Babylon.
2nd Part: Interview with Karl Groom Pt.1 / THRESHOLD: Small dark lines / FATES WARNING: Seven stars / Interview with Karl Groom Pt.2 / THRESHOLD: State of independence.
3rd Part: THRESHOLD: Supermassive black hole (music quiz) / Interview with Karl Groom Pt.3 / TESTAMENT: The Legacy / THRESHOLD: Subliminal Freeways / METALLICA: Welcome home (Sanitarium).
4rth Part: Interview with Karl Groom Pt.4 / THRESHOLD: The Shire Pt.2 / SAVATAGE: Somewhere in time / THRESHOLD: The man who saw through time.
  I would like to thank all those who listened to our show last night, hoping they enjoyed it.
  Next Sunday, Prog n Roll will have a day off, because we will be at Threshold's gig. We will be back on Sunday the 19th, for a special show; but more on that later.
Thank you all!

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