Thursday, November 16, 2017

Prog n Roll's presentation on Threshold's Legends of the Shires, is now available as Podcast.

Hello all!
I am glad to say that, since today, the special Prog n Roll radio show we did on the 5th of November, is available as podcast. We had a presentation on the new album of Threshold, Legends of the Shires that night, mixed with parts of the interview we conducted with the band's leader Karl Groom. We also had Karl himself on our chatbox, and altogether were chating about serious and fun things.
So, now you can just click on the following link, and listen to that show, whenever you are in the mood for it.
In case you might be interested, here's the playlist of that show:

Part 1: URIAH HEEP: Traveller in time / BLUE OYSTER CULT: Veteran of the psychic wars / LED ZEPPELIN: The rover / RAINBOW: Gates of Babylon.
Part 2: Interview with Karl Groom Pt.1 / THRESHOLD: Small dark lines / FATES WARNING: Seven stars / Interview with Karl Groom Pt.2 / THRESHOLD: State of independence.
Part 3: THRESHOLD: Supermassive black hole (music quiz) / Interview with Karl Groom Pt. 3 / TESTAMENT: The Legacy / THRESHOLD: Subliminal Freeways / METALLICA: Welcome home (Sanitarium).
Part 4: Interview with Karl Groom Pt. 4 / THRESHOLD: The Shire Pt.2 / SAVATAGE: Somewhere in time / THRESHOLD: The man who saw through time.
Thank you.

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