Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Special Prog n Roll radio show on New Year's Eve. (31/12/2017). A small review and the complete playlist.

Hello all, Happy New Year!
  As I wrote in my previous posts here, a couple of weeks ago we decided to make a special 3-hour-long radio show on New Year's Eve for us and for our listeners, who actually "demanded"
We worked a lot for that show and we were very impatient for it.
But Sunday the 31st wasn't our day as it was proved by the facts...
  We have begun our day by learning the horrid news of Colin Tench's death, who was a dear friend of Prog n Roll and us. We thought of cancelling the show, because we had absolutely no morale, but after talking with some of our listeners through FB, e-mails etc , we decided to go on and do the show as planned.
  The same evening, almost an hour before the show, we learned about the sudden death of Kostas Tzounis, who was also a producer on Just in Case Radio. As you can easily understand we were really shocked! (For the second time in the same day). We talked about it for a while, trying to figure out what we should do, but we saw that people already started to gather for the show, and we decided to go on once more. We just made a few adjustments to the playlist, and wrote a few things to say in their memory.
  So, at 21.00 UK time, Prog n Roll has finally begun! We had a good crowd listening, but the atmosphere on the chatbox was heavy. The show begun with a song by Colin Tench's first solo album, then we said a few words about him and we continued with our playlist. Everything was going fine, until a few minutes before 22.00 UK time; which was the time to change the year in Greece. Suddenly the internet collapsed and we despite our efforts, nothing seemed to work. We were trying to log into the server, but it was not responding. The whole problem lasted for almost 20-25 minutes, during which we were trying to find out what to do. But everybody remained there, saying that "wait for a while, and if it will not work, then you cancel". Thankfully the internet problems stopped after a while, and we continued with the show without any other problems until the end of the show.
  The last day of 2017 was a very difficult day for us as you can understand, but I am glad that we finally overcame all the troubles and finally did the show. Everybody appreciated our efforts, and remained there, even after the end of Prog n Roll.
 Here you can take a look at the whole playlist:
Part 1: COLIN TENCH PROJECT: And so, today / ELVIS PRESLEY: Blue suede shoes / THE ROLLING STONES: Route 66 / THE BEATLES: I saw her standing there / THE BYRDS: Have you seen her face? / THE ANIMALS: See see rider.
Part 2: RUSH: The spirit of radio / GALAHAD: Empires never last / DRIFTING SUN: Trip the life fantastic.
Part 3: RAINBOW: Stargazer / BLACK SABBATH: Die Young / NIGHTWISH: Last ride of the day / CHRYSILIA: King of a stellar war.
Part 4: THE YARDBIRDS: For your love / CREAM: Sunshine of your love / THE J.GEILS BAND: First I look at the purse / THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND: Whipping post / LYNYRD SKYNYRD: Free bird (Live).
Part 5: GANDALF’S FIST: Winter’s mourning / COLIN TENCH PROJECT: See how she runs / MAGENTA: Red.
Part 6: BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST: Rock n Roll star / CARAVAN: Nine feet underground / Auld lang syne. 
 I would like to thank all those who not only decided to spend their New Year's Eve with us and our show, but also remained there when things went very wrong and encouraged us to continue.
Thank you all very much!
Have a great year, filled with nice music, love and happiness!

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