Friday, April 5, 2013

GFreedom Team Presents: English Electric Parts 1&2...

   I just want to inform you that tomorrow afternoon Gfreedom Team will present the last 2 albums of the English band 'Big Big Train', in the 'Full Album Hour'...
Especially for this Saturday we chose to play these two wonderful albums the one after the other.
'English Electric Part.1' was released about one year ago, and 'Part.2' about a month ago.
   The presentation will start at 18.00GMT (20.00Greek time) and it will last for almost 2 hours. (That is the length of the 2 albums actually).
So, tomorrow afternoon if you are in the mood to discover the beautiful melodies of 'Big Big Train', join us in the 'Full Album Hour' on 'JustIn Case Radio.
   I have to inform you that this will not be a live broadcast.
We will just play the records, and we will be chatting through the chatbox with the people that will be there.
Thank you in advance! :)

P.S: I'm posting here a couple of YT videos as well, in order for you to have a small idea about the band and their music...