Friday, April 12, 2013

Siena Root & Riverside live in Greece!

Today I got some great news for the Rock fans in Greece. (And maybe elsewhere as well).
Two very good bands will perform live in Greece in the near future.
   Fist, the Swedish Siena Root with their '70's heavy sound will give one live preformance at the Aν club in Athens next week, and to be more specific of the 18th of April. It 's a concert that none of the fans of Rock music should miss in my opinion. The tickets are in sale already, and the prices are 12 & 15 Euros. Many months ago I wrote a post about Siena Root in this blog, and if anyone is interested of reading it you can find it here:;postID=6915959699721279638
In this post there are also a couple of songs that you can listen, so if you are interested click on the link.

   Second really interesting events are the two concerts from the Polish band Riverside. One of the hottest names in the new Prog-Metal scene right now. A few months ago they released their new album, and now they are on tour. Thankfully they will visit Greece this time for 2 concerts. One in Thessaloniki on the 1st of June, and one in Athens on the 2nd of June. The concert in Thessaloniki will take place in the Eightball club, and the one in Athens in Gagarin 205. I have no information about the tickets and their prices yet though.
As for myself, it is impossible to catch the concert of Siena Root, but I hope to be able to see Riverside at least, on the 2nd of June in Athens.
Here I'm posting a couple of songs from Riverside so you can listen their music in case you never heard of them 'till now.