Monday, April 29, 2013

PROG & ROLL Radio Show: 'Song of the Month' contest & Rock Opera presenation.

Good morning!
As I have mentioned in a previous post, on last night's show we had a Rock opera presentation during the first hour and our contest for 'The Song of the month' during the second hour.
 The Rock opera was no other that the famous 'Jesus Christ Superstar' by Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim Rise. We had also the libretto online, so the people were able to read the lyrics. We played a compilation of songs from both version of this opera. The theatrical version and the movie version. 
(Just for the record I have to mention here that the original and first version was the theatrical one (1970), with Ian Gillan playing the role of Jesus. 3 years later the movie came out, with a totally different cast. The only exceptions were Yvonne Elliman in the role of Mary Magdalene, and Barry Dennen in the role of Pilate).
   The presentation lasted for almost 65 minutes and I want to believe we did some great job!
After that, we reached the second part of our show, and it was time for the big contest.
From all the songs we played in April, we had 9 that achieved a really high average in points, (according to our audience's grades), and we played these songs again, so our listeners had to grade them once more.
   I was almost sure about the winning song, but this time I was wrong! The song I had in mind didn't win, and came second finally.
So, Prog & Roll's song of the month for April is: 'Of a Lifetime' by Journey!
Here I will post all 9 songs that were participating in the contest, after having calculate the points they received. You can see next to each song the average number of points it achieved.

1. Journey: Of a Lifetime   (9.40)  (winner)
2. Genesis: The Dancing of the Moonlight Knight   (8.75)
3. Fish: The Company   (8.65)
4. Chris De Burgh: Spaceman Came Travelling   (8.60)
5. Wishbone Ash: The King will Come   (8.16)
6. Queensryche: Eyes of a Stranger   (7.71)
7. Pink Floyd: Hey You   (7.57)
8. Jethro Tull: We Used to Know   (6.85)
9. Therion: Midgard   (6.80)

Once more I want to thank all those who joined us last night, and I hope they enjoyed the show.
On next Sunday 5/4 we will not have a radio show, therefore the next 'Prog & Roll' will be on Sunday 12/5 at 20.00GMT as always...
Thank you! :)
In the following video you can listen to the winning song...