Saturday, May 18, 2013

GFreedom's Juke Box Nο.46

Good Morning all! :)
   As many of you know already, every Saturday I'm writing here a post in the 'Juke Box' series, which is my Top-5 songs from the past week. From all the music I'm listening every week, I choose the best 5 songs
according to my likings, and I'm posting them here. The actual purpose is  to get an idea what I listen and what I like, and also in some occasions find some songs you maybe didn't know 'till now.
   So without further delay, these are my Top-5 for this last week:

Galahad: This Life Could be my Last (Empires Never Last) - 2007
Black Sabbath: Megalomania (Sabotage) - 1975
Camel: The Eyes of Ireland (Harbour of Tears) - 1996
Tim Buckley: Song to the Siren (Starsailor) - 1970
Pink Floyd: In the Flesh (Part.2) (O.S.T: The Wall) - 1982

If any of you in in the mood he/she can write here as a comment, (or at G+) your favorite songs or albums from this past week. It doesn't really matter if they are Rock or Pop or something else. The point is to exchange our musical tastes and likings.
Thank you all, and have a nice Weekend! :)