Tuesday, May 14, 2013

TAYLOR’S UNIVERSE: Worn out (2013)

Taylor’s Universe is the project of the Danish composer & multi-instrumentalist Robin Taylor.
The band is active since 1993 & they released 12 albums so far, with ‘Worn out’ being their most recent one.
The album contains 6 songs and has a total running time of almost 43 minutes.
The music style is mainly Avant-Garde/ Jazz and to be honest its musical style is not my cup of tea. But despite that I found the listening of the album rather pleasant, and it surprised me I must admit.
The album is instrumental, with the only exception of a few voices in the song ‘Munich’, but that’s something you can’t call ‘singing’.
The opening song is called Floating Rats and together with “Cruelty in words” are maybe the ‘easiest’ songs to listen in this album. Also ‘Cruelty in words’ is maybe the best song here. As for the weirdest song? That without a doubt is ‘Jens in Afganistan’.
There are several melodic passages in the songs, mostly with piano or keyboards among the many Jazzy rhythms that can be found in every song.  The first thing that is obvious to the listener is the abundant use of wind instruments, such as Saxophones (alto soprano & tenor) and trumpets.
 Concluding this review I have to say that it is an interesting album, and its main target are those who are fond of Jazz and experimental releases. 
Unfortunately I couldn't find any song from this record in YouTube to post here for you to listen...