Friday, May 31, 2013

PROG & ROLL Radio Show: 2 shows before the end...

Hello all!
It is my great sadness to announce that our radio show 'Prog & Roll' is reaching its end.
Due to some major changes to our lifes, we can't continue doing it any more...
We hope that we will be able to start again after a few months, but I couldn't bet on it.
   So here's what's going to happen at our next two shows:
SUNDAY 2/6: We will have our big competition for 'The song of the month'. We have 11 great songs in the list that will fight for the title. As usual, our audience will be grading the songs, and according to their grades, we will calculate each song's average score, and at the end of our show we will find out the winner. That competition will take place during the second hour. The first hour we will have our normal program.
SUNDAY 9/6: This will be the last Prog & Roll, and we want to do something special. First of all, it will last 2.5 hours instead of 2. Further than this, we thought as a 'thank you' to do the following: We will ask from our audience, and each one of you that  believes he/she will be able to listen to us, to ask for 1 song that he/she would like to listen that night. We will play all the requested songs, and we will make a special announcement for each song. But except the requests we will prepare a really super playlist!
   We plan to make that night really special for everybody who will be there with us.
So, if you think that you want to join us on our special last radio show, you can send us the song that you would like to listen to this e-mail adress:
  I will write another post next week about this last show, but I wanted to inform you about all these things beforehand.
Thank you very much!