Thursday, May 16, 2013

GFreedom Team Presents: The Wall (The movie soundtrack)

Hello everybody!
   I want to inform you that tonight GFreedom Team will be hosting a special event on JustIn Case Prog Radio.
In the 'Full Album Hour' of the radio station, we will present the soundtrack of the movie 'The Wall' (1982).
   The movie was filmed by Alan Parker and in the basic role of 'Pink' we see Bob Geldof (Boomtown Rats).
For the needs of the film a couple of new songs were recorded, and almost all of the songs in the album were re-recorded or remixed. So what you are going to listen is very different than the record you already know.
For example will you will hear Bob Geldof singing instead of Roger Waters. (And he gives a great performance as 'Pink!)
   In my opinion it is an excellent record, and in some parts I dare to say better than the original. (For example in the song 'In the Flesh Part.2' where Bob Geldof literaly acts with his singing).
  Some time ago, I posted on this blog a post about 'The Wall', so for some more info you can read that post if you want. You can read it by clicking here:
   Anyway, the point is that tonight at 21.00 GMT (23.00 Greek time) if you log in at the radio station's site you will be able to listen to the whole album. But this is not a live show. That means that there will be no broadcast. But GFreedom Team will be online and we will speak with the visitors through the chatbox, we will be providing info where needed etc...
   I hope some of you will find that interesting, log in to listen, and maybe have a little chat altogether.
You can log in by clicking on this link: JustIn Case Prog Radio
 Thank you in advance, and have a great day! :)