Thursday, May 29, 2014

BOB DYLAN Live in Athens 2014. (who? Seriously??)

 I recently heard about the 2 upcoming live shows of Bob Dylan in Athens and Thessaloniki, but I wanted to be sure before writing anything here...
 So, now that I read the official announcement and saw the first concerts posters on the streets, I can write my opininon on the subject.
 There is no doubt that Mr. Robert Zimmerman (Bob Dylan's real name) is a true legend in Rock and Folk-Rock music, a great composer, and many other things. Yes I will agree. But he is also 72 years old, he has lost his voice (at least this weird kind of voice he had) since the '70's, and now what? He just makes some concerts every now and then in order to make his bank account even bigger. Considering all these, I really can't find any reason to go to the concert. I didn't go to his concert a few years ago, and most importantly in 1989 (if I remember well). So why now?
 I know there are many fans of Bob Dylan out there, who will go to see him live, and I can understand and respect that.
It's not about the money I assure you. The prices are normal I think. It's the fact that I can find any reason to go see Bob Dylan now.
 I deeply respect him as a musician and a composer, I got 18 albums in vinyl records and cd's, but that's enough I think.
 Let's go to the concerts details now: Bob Dylan will perform live in Thesalloniki on the 22nd of June, and in Athens on the 23rd of June.The Athens concert will take place in Terra Vibe park, and in Thesalloniki at a the city's port next to the sea. (That sounds very nice)...
 The tickets prices are between 33 - 39€, which is a rather fair price.
I want to wish to all of you who will go to the concerts to have a great night, filled with beautiful music.