Monday, May 26, 2014

PROG & ROLL Radio show with Sonja-Kristina on the chatbox...

Hello everybody!
As I mentioned in a post here a couple of days ago, last night we had a special Prog & Roll radio show planned.
So here I am today, to write a review about this show.
What made last night's show special was the presence of Sonja-Kristina (the leader and singer of Curved Air) in the chatbox. She logged in from her house in London, listen to the whole show (which especially for last night was 2.5 hours instead of 2), and she was chatting with everybody who was there at the time.
 One hour before the show I called Sonja Kristina at her home and we spoke for a while, because she wanted to know what was going to happen. I explained to her what the show is all about, and what we are going to do. She seemed pleased and satisfied, and she actually logged in almost half hour before the show starts...
  During the 2.5 hours of the show I played the whole new album 'North Star', mixed with some songs from other bands from the 70's, plus a few songs from Curved Air's early albums. I believe the result was very good to say the least, because everybody seemed so happy with the music, but also with the fun and friendly atmosphere in the chatbox.
Many people logged in during the show, from many different countries. Even from Mexico!
As for the playlist, you can see it below:
CURVED AIR: Stay Human / Time Games, STEVE HACKETT: Can Utility & the Coastliners, CURVED AIR: Puppets / Images & Signs, RENAISSANCE: Opening Out, CURVED AIR: Interplay / Spider, PAVLOV'S DOG: Fast Gun, CURVED AIR: Magnetism, GENESIS: The Lamia, CURVED AIR: Lovechild / Colder than a Rose in Snow / Spirits in the Material World, CAROL OF HARVEST: Somewhere at the end of the Rainbow, CURVED AIR: Old Town News / Situations, VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR: Masks, CURVED AIR: Chasing Cars / Marie Antoinette, IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY: Hot Summer Day, CURVED AIR: Young Mother, THE BEATLES: I me Mine, CURVED AIR: Across the Universe, DAVID BOWIE: Life on Mars?, CURVED AIR: Melinda (More or Less).
I want to say a very big thanks to Sonja-Kristina who accepted our invitation and logged in, and to all of you who joined our show last night.
See you again online on next Sunday folks!