Saturday, January 24, 2015

GFreedom's Juke Box Nο.112

Hello all!
I've been really busy lately, so I don't have the time to deal with things like my blog for example.
But I can't stop listening to music. So once more I'll write down here my weekly Top-5 songlist for you, hoping that you'll like it.
So without further ado, these are my best songs for this week:
GALAHAD: Mein Herz Brennt (EP: Mein Herz Brennt - 2014)
STONE THE CROWS: The touch of your loving hand (Stone the Crows - 1970)
OPETH: In my time of need (Damnation - 2003)
KAYAK: She rules my world (Cleopatra the crown of Isis - 2014)
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE: Mexico (Early Flight - 1974)
I will add here a couple of songs from my list in order to listen to if you want.
Enjoy the music people, and have a great weekend!
Thanks for visiting my blog. :-)