Monday, January 19, 2015

Prog & Roll radio show on 18/1/2015. The full playlist and more...

 Hello all!
 One more Prog & Roll radio show took place last night as usual.
  I believe it was a good one, judging by our listener's comments and reactions. Me and my wife who are hosting the show were in a very good mood, and altogether spend 2 very pleasant hours.
There were many people coming and going, and we saw many new people logging in, which is really great. As I mentioned in a previous post, we are really glad because in these last 4-5 months more and more people are listening to our show on a frequent basis, from many countries. When we started our show almost 2.5 years ago, the majority of our listeners was from Greece. But now we have people listening from many different places, and that gives us strenth to continue and try to become better and better. On last night's show for example we had people listening from England, N.Ireland, Greece, Turkey, Italy, USA, and France. And I'm talking about those who were active on the chatbox only. Because there were many more who were just listening, without participating in the chatbox, so I don't know where they were from.
 Here you can see the whole playlist:

BLUES PILLS: Astralplane / SIENA ROOT: Between the lines / QUARTERMASS: Gemini / MOUNTAIN: Flowers of evil / HIGH TIDE: Walking down their outlook / KAYAK: Goodbye Pharos / STEVEN WILSON: Drive home / GAZPACHO: Valerie’s friend / MARILLION: Market square heroes / BABE RUTH: The dutchess of Orleans / THE ANIMALS: Bring it on home / THE ROLLING STONES: Heart of stone / VAN MORRISON: Checking it out / DEEP PURPLE: Hush / RAINBOW: Self Portrait / ADVENTURE: A crack in the ice (Part.2) / THE FLOWER KINGS: Train to nowhere / AYREON: Time beyond time 
"Epic" song: KAIPA: A map of your secret world 
 Encore: BLACK SABBATH: Snowblind. 
 I want to thank all of you who joined Prog & Roll last night, hoping you really enjoyed it.
As for our next show, (on Sunday 25/1/2015), we are preparing something special once more.
Wait and you will see... ;) 
Thank you!