Monday, January 26, 2015

Prog & Roll radio show on 25/1/2015. The full playlist and more...

Hello all!
  Last night Prog & Roll was once more online, and here I am today writing a few things about it, together with the full playlist.
  Many people joined the show once more, but this time not so many from Greece, because of the importance of yesterday's elections I guess. Also, my co-host Nihal wasn't able to participate so I had to run the show by myself. I tried to do my best, and I hope everything went fine.
  Once more we had a music contest, and the winner was Florian Decros from France, or in other words "Prog & Roll's wonderkid". (That's a nickname that came to my mind yesterday). Florian is our youngest listener (he is just 13 years old), but his knowledge in music is a really great one! (For his age at least). So, congratulations Florian for winning (for the second time) in the music contest!
  When I was preparing the playlist I decided to play many classic Rock songs from the '70's, mixed with Prog and Neo-Prog ones, and for the end I kept a really nice 10-minute long medley by Dream Theater. Before the show I had in mind not to make an encore, but because there were many people gathered, and we were having nice time, I decided to play one extra song, which was Flash of the blade by Iron Maiden, mainly because there was a small conversation going on in the chatbox about this band.
  Concluding this piece I want to say that I believe it was a nice show in general, and I hope all those who logged in had some nice time with my music selections. 
Thank you all! :-)
Here you can check the whole playlist:

THE MOODY BLUES: I’m just a singer (in a Rock n Roll band) / COCKNEY REBEL: The Psychomodo / MIKE OLDFIELD: Tricks of the light / QUEEN: Keep yourself alive / ROXY MUSIC: Street life / ALICE COOPER: Elected / THE DOORS: The changeling / JANIS JOPLIN: Half moon / FREE: Fire and water / THE ROLLING STONES: You can’t always get what you want / PROCOL HARUM: Whisky train / GALAHAD: Mein herz brennt (Music contest) / INDUKTI: Shade / PFM: Celebration / PORCUPINE TREE: Blackest eyes / OPETH: In my time of need / RUSH: A passage to Bangkok / DEMON: Night of the Demon / JUDAS PRIEST: Diamonds & rust / THIN LIZZY: Massacre.
"Epic song": DREAM THEATER: The big medley 
"Encore": IRON MAIDEN: Flash of the blade.