Saturday, January 3, 2015

The last special PROG & ROLL of 2014 is now available as a podcast...

Hello all and Happy New Year!
On the 28th of December we did the last Prog & Roll radio show for 2014. It was a special show with extended length, and many musicians who joined us as guests on the chatbox. I believe it was a really good show, that's why I uploaded as a podcast.
 The podcast starts with the radio station's ad (almost 10 seconds), followed by Prog & Roll's intro. (Almost 1 minute). After that, you can listen to the whole show...
So, if you are in the mood to listen to or download our show, just click the following link: 
See you all tomorrow night, at 20.00 UK time, for the first Prog & Roll of 2015.
Enjoy and thank you! :-)