Monday, March 9, 2015

Last Night's PROG & ROLL radio show. A small review and the full playlist...

Last night one more Prog & Roll radio show was online as usual, and I'm very glad to say that our musicians community is expanding day by day. On last night's show we had as "special guest" on the chatbox the English composer and musician Mike Kershaw, and we played a few songs from his albums. But once more we had on the chatbox Dave Curnow and Dave Smith of Salander, Benjamin Bell, and near the end Jens Kipper the singer of Archonaut joined our show as well.
 As for the playlist, this time we had only 15 songs to play, first of all because during the second hour we played some long songs from the 70's, and most importantly because last night's "epic" song was a really long one.
 We had in mind not to have an "encore" song, but since Jens Kipper joined the show, we decided to play one of his band's song as encore.
 We had many people in the chatbox once more, and it was lots of fun.
 As for our next show on Sunday the 15th, we will make a presentation on the new album 'The Fragility of Innonence' by Salander, which is a concept one. We will say a few words about the story, we will listen some songs from it, and we will have the 2 Dave's of Salander answering some questions concerning the album.
 Here you can check the playlist from last night's show:

DREAM THEATER: Hell’s Kitchen / RUSH: YYZ / TOOL: Vicarious / RIVERSIDE: Panic Room / MIKE KERSHAW: Farewell / BROKEN PARTACHUTE: Nine Miles to Babylon / MIKE KERSHAW: Guardian / SALANDER: Leroy’s Tale / MIKE KERSHAW: Frances Mary Chambers / EMERSON LAKE & PALMER: The Great Gates of Kiev / YES: Starship Trooper / VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR: My Room / KING CRIMSON: Cadence & Cascade / CAMEL: Another Night.
"Epic" song: GENESIS: Supper’s Ready (Live 1973).
"Encore": ARCHONAUT: Promise.
I want to thank all of you who joined our show last night, and I hope you enjoyed it. A special thanks to all the musicians who are listening to our show and they are supporting us so much! 
Dave, Dave, Ben, Mike, Jens thank you! :-)