Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spotlights on: MOTHER TURTLE

 Mother Turtle is a Heavy / Progressive Rock band from Greece.
 The band consists of 4 members and has the typical line up including Guitar, Bass, Drums and Keyboards.
They were formed up in Thessaloniki in 2011, and in the beginning they were playing only cover versions in their live appearances. During the studio rehearals they started creating their own songs, and the result was the release of their first studio album (Mother Turtle) in 2013.
  The band's music style is influenced from the Heavy and Progressive Rock  music scene of '70's, and they sound like a 'Prog' version of Siena Root. 
 Their first eponymous album consists of 7 songs and has a total running time of almost an hour.
 (Lately the band is playing live gigs in order to promote their work, and  in a few days they will participate in a Greek 'Prog' one-day mini festival together with 2 other bands. I will go to that concert, and I will write a
review about it on this blog.
  I strongly recommend this band to all those who are fans of Classic / Heavy and Progressive Rock, and can appreciate a well structured album filled with very interesting compositions.
You can find their album in order to download it here:
 (The average rating of the album in Prog-Archives is 3.70 out of 5.00)
I tried to upload a couple of videos from YT, but I can't as it seems. So if you want check the songs 'The Elf' and 'Mother Turtle & the Magic Mushroom' .
Thank you for reading. :-)