Monday, March 2, 2015

PROG & ROLL radio show with 'Archonaut' as special guests on the chatbox. A review & the playlist...

Hello all!
On last night's Prog & Roll radio show we had as "special guests" live on the chatbox the members of the new and very promising German band Archonaut, as I have informed you earlier through this blog and G+.
 Archonaut consist of 3 basic members, Julian, Sebastian and Jens, plus 2 studio musicians. All 3 of them logged in during the show, and listen to the music we were playing while chating with us and the rest of people who were active on the chatbox. Further than that, we had on the chatbox once more David Curnow and Dave Smith of Salander, and the English composer & multi instrumentalist Benjamin Bell. Many people were participating in the conversations on the chatbox, and many more were just listening.
 I must admit that I'm very pleased from last night's show, because I beleive it was fun, and everybody seemed to enjoy it.
 When I contacted Archonaut and they agreed to participate in the show, I told them that we will play 2 songs from their album, but when I was listening to it I decided to play 3. And just 2 days before the show I added a 4rth one.
 As for the "encore" song, we played one more song from Salander's forthcoming album on which my wife and co-host Nihal sings once more.
 Here you can take a look on the full playlist:

SPIRITUALIZED: Come together / WE.OWN.THE.SKY: Alterecho / EMPTY YARD EXPERIMENT: Nostalgia / RISHLOO: Freaks & animals / ARCHONAUT: The last march of the swarm / DREAMSCAPE: Led astray / CIRCUS MAXIMUS: Alive / ARCHONAUT: Ark / NO BRAIN CELL: The creator has a mastertape (music contest) / GALAHAD: Termination / IQ: From the outside in / ARCHONAUT: Souls eclipse / BLIND GUARDIAN: At the edge of time / THERION: Cults of the shadow / NIGHTWISH: Sleeping sun.
"Epic" song: ARCHONAUT: The cavern of many beings  
"Encore" song: SALANDER: And so to sleep. 
 I want to thank all of you who logged in last night, and I hope you had some nice time. A special thanks to Sebastian Julian & Jens of Archonaut, Dave & Dave of Salander, and Benjamin Bell.
 I hope all of you enjoyed our show, and I hope we will "see" you online soon.
 I also want to congratulate Julian for winning the music contest.
 I think that's all for now, I'll keep you informed for further news concerning Prog & Roll.
Have a nice week, and thank you for reading... :-)