Monday, May 23, 2016

Prog & Roll radio show (22/5/2016). A small "review" and the complete playlist.

Hello all!
Last night one more Prog & Roll show was online at the usual time, and in this post you can read a few things about it.
 As I already announced in a previous post here, during last night's show we did a small pre-release presentation of Mike Kershaw's forthcoming album. The album's title is 'What lies Beneath' and the official release date is the 27th of May. We had Mike Kershaw on the chatbox as our special guest, together with lots of people from many countries once more. (We had listeners from Greece, Canada, Egypt, France, UK and Germany). But he was not the only musician there. We also had Stefan Hepe the drummer of Gandalf's Fist, and Benjamin Bell from Fusion Orchestra 2 and Patchwork Cacophony in our chatbox.
During the 2 hours of the show, we had a very interesting chat with him, and we played 4 songs from his new album. 
The playlist was mostly a cool and melodic one, with the exception of the 3rd part. During the 3rd part we did a tribute to the career of Ronnie James Dio and the bands he worked with. 
Further than that, at the start of the 3rd part we did our music quiz once more, and this time the 2 winners won as a prize a signed copy of Mike's new CD.
As for the songs we played, you can see them here:

1st Part: WISHBONE ASH: Sometime World / ASHBURY: The Warning / WOLF PEOPLE: Silbury Sands / MIKE KERSHAW: Two Eyes / DEAD HEROES CLUB: Road to Jerusalem.
2nd Part: MIKE KERSHAW: The City of my Dreams / MAGIC PIE: Illusion & Reality (Part. 4) / ADVENTURE: Caught in the Web (Part. 2) / MIKE KERSHAW: Wounds.
3rd Part: PAT BOONE: Holy Diver (music quiz) / ELF: Nevermore / RAINBOW: Stargazer / BLACK SABBATH: I / DIO: Don’t Talk to Strangers.
4th Part: BEARDFISH: Can you see me now / NICE BEAVER: In Close Proximity / MIKE KERSHAW: Gunning for the Gods.
I would like to thank all those you tuned in last night, hoping you had some nice time. A special thanks to Mike Kershaw, Stefan Hepe and Benjamin Bell for supporting us and our show.
I would like to inform you that on Sunday the 29th of May we will not have a show. Prog & Roll will be back on Sunday the 5th of June, with Drifting Sun as our special guests.