Wednesday, January 18, 2017

GFreedom’s 2016 Top-10 album list. (Part. 1)

As some of you know already, during the first month of every new year I am writing here my Top-10 album releases of the previous year.
So, here is the first part of my Top-10 album list for 2016.
  Many good albums saw the light of day during 2016, but I’m afraid I wasn’t able to listen to all of them. (Not even close). My 2016 collection reached the number of 56 new releases. Not bad, but I could find some more I guess.
  So, my Top-10 list is based on those albums, and not on every release of 2016. (I'm sure that some very good releases are missing, but what can you do?) Further than that, have in mind that this list is being created after lots and lots hours of listening, and it is based exclusively on my personal point of view. You may agree or disagree with some of my choices, but that’s only natural.
Also, you should know that the list is in Alphabetical order.
Here we go:  
-      COLIN TENCH PROJECT: Hair in a G-string (Unfinished but Sweet)
  I knew Colin Tench from his work with Corvus Stone, and I had only good things to say for his guitar skills. But this solo album was a great surprise to me; and when I listen to it, my surprise became even bigger! (Not to mention the participation of Pete Jones). It is a lovely and nostalgic album, that I keep listening to on and on. I could recommend this album to all those who can appreciate a good - and kind of old fashioned - Rock album with many Prog elements. You can read the review I wrote some time ago, here:
   The fact that I like Crippled Black Phoenix a lot is kind of obvious. If you read my blog, you will find enough references to them, their albums and their live gigs. I have all their albums in my music collection, and I like most 
of them. (But not all). Bronze was their 9th studio album, and maybe their best one - together with ‘I Vigilante’ - in my opinion. The sound is darker, heavier and as it seems CBP raised the bar once more. Now we only have to wait to see what is going to follow. You can read the review I wrote about this album here:
-         DIFFERENT LIGHT: The Burden of Paradise
  One of the greatest surprises of 2016 for me! Never heard this band’s name before this album, and I must say that I was astonished! Very high quality and ‘listener-friendly’ Neo-Prog, with wonderful compositions, excellent melodies, very good vocals, and a couple of great epics! Well, what more can you ask for? The Burden of Paradise is one of the albums I keep listening to all the time, without getting bored of it. It’s quite the opposite actually! Here’s the review I wrote about this album:

 DRIFTING SUN: Safe Asylum
After the excellent ‘Trip the Life Fantastic’, Drifting Sun returned with a darker amd more 'mature' album, filled with the wonderful piano of Pat Sanders in the leading role, accompanied by great guitar riffs and the very good vocals by Pete Falconer (as usual). By clicking on the following link you can read the review I wrote about this album some time ago: