Wednesday, December 13, 2017

CHRYSILIA: Et in Arcadia Ego (2017). My review on a really wonderful abum!

  This is an album that I discovered recently, and I was really surprised by their sound, their music quality and their compositions; not to mention that they are from Greece. Because there is a possibility that their name doesn’t mean anything to most of you, it is better to begin by writing a few info about the band:

  Chrysilia is a Symphonic/Folk Metal band based in Athens, Greece. Initially a concept child by musical actress & Rock performer Chryso and composer/keyboardist Elias Pero (ex-Sovereign), this quickly evolved into the formation of a band consisting six experienced members. A few months ago, they released their debut album Et in Arcadia Ego, which as I wrote above, I discovered almost a week ago.    
  I can’t say that the “modern” Metal scene is my cup of tea, but this album just blew my mind! Where to begin? From the really good compositions; the “catchy” melodies and the great guitar riffs; or the presence of electric violin? Another very important element is the wonderful female vocals by Chryso, the band’s singer, which gives another dynamic to their sound.
  All members of Chrysilia are excellent and professional musicians, that they know their instruments very well, and that is something that becomes obvious when you are listening to this album. Another fact I really liked is that, they draw their themes and inspiration from the vast Ancient Greek mythology, which is very interesting to say the least. (And familiar to me). (For those who may wonder, I should say that Arcadia is a mountain area in the Peloponnese region in Greece).
  If I would have to find a band that Chysilia reminds me of, I would say Nightwish without a second thought. Just replace the Scandinavian themes with Ancient Greek ones, and you are almost there. But further than the lyrics, Chrysilia’s music is more romantic and more mellow in many parts. (Always in comparison with Nightwish).
  But let’s see how the band itself describes this album: [Our music could be vaguely described as soundtrack metal, having influences from different music genres, ranging from folk, jazz and musicals to power metal. The main theme here is having clean-cut, catchy tunes, no matter how heavy or complicated is the musical background. It’s like listening to a motion picture soundtrack, but on the hard n’ heavy side. Lyrically, this is a concept album based on the idea of Arcadia, as this was depicted in the Renaissance as the dreamland that our souls travel in the afterlife or just by achieving a higher state of intuitive enlightenment. Our album, however, has a metaphorical meaning. It is a journey in time and fantasy, myths and reality, fairy tales and politics, life and death itself, through the eyes of a girl growing up: Her name is... Chrysilia].
  Judging from my reaction, there is a great possibility that Et in Arcadia Ego will be included in my Top-10 list with the best albums of 2017. 
Favourite songs (so far): By the Gates of Ypsus / The Menalon Trail / Desperate Wings / Arcadia / Chrysilia / King of a Stellar War (cover).
  This is a really great and enjoyable album! Try to find and listen to it!
Here's a few samples for you:  
My Rating would be 4.0 - 4.5 out of 5.0 stars.

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