Thursday, December 7, 2017

GANDALF'S FIST: Winter's Mourning (EP) - 2017. My first thoughts...

  Every time Gandalf's Fist is releasing something new, 2 things are certain:
1. It is better than their previous works
2. The band includes more members!
  Since their early days where they were just two people doing all the jobs, they have reached the number of 6 members, with the new additions of Ben Bell on keyboards and Keri Farish on vocals. Both are excellent additions and I'm certain that they will contribute a lot to the band's sound. This first sample is quite reassuring in that...
  Winter's Mourning is a wonderful piece of music in my opinion. It is kind of a dark and melancholic tune, and the kind of song I would like to listen on a cold Winter night. If I had a home near a forest with a fireplace in it, that would have been better; but I'm afraid I have nothing like that. But even without these "special effects" I enjoyed it a lot!
  This EP is released just in time! So, do not hesitate! Write a letter to Santa, hoping that you were a good boy/girl… Maybe Santa will bring it on your (digital) doorstep.
Here you can order the digital version:
                                 4.5 stars
P.S: We want more stuff like that please

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