Wednesday, December 6, 2017

INNERSPACE: Rise (2017). My review...

 This is a band I discovered recently, and once more I was surprised by its quality.
Innerspace is a Canadian band, with only 2 album releases so far; The Village (2012) and Rise (2017).
  Rise, is a 70-minute-long concept album, about a dystopian future, which is dark, melanchonic, but beautiful and melodic at the same time. I found many similarities between Rise and Black Science by Machines Dream(Both are new bands - well, kind of - both are Canadians, both released dark and melancholic concept albums this year, and both doesn’t try to hide their Pink Floyd influences). Their music includes lots of piano and keyboards, but also beautiful guitar riffs and solos. 
  The album opens with a small intro including a choir (Dawn), followed by the wonderful instrumental Tree of Life, which could be easily used as a soundrack for a movie. This was the first song I heard by them, and because of it, I tried to find more info about the band and this album. One of the best songs in the album without a doubt. It is a long, melancholic and very beautiful composition, which has a very interesting turn after the middle of the song.    
  Tree of Life is followed by The Other Side, another sad, but beautiful tune as well. The low tempo and the melancholic style continue with the 4th song (In Motion), but once more the song includes a significant change and a wonderful guitar solo, which improves the song even more.
  Fill the Void is the 5th track, and one more song including a major change in style. After a short piano intro, the song changes completely, with loud guitar riffs and a fast and powerful tempo.
  Sunset is another melodic instrumental, but not as melancholic as Tree of Life. (And 6 minutes shorter). The first part of the album closes with Under the Spotlight; a good and powerful composition. 
  And then, the second part of the album begins, which includes the Dystopian Delirium, divided into 5 parts. It begins with another intro, followed by Shadow of Freedom, which sounds like it was recorded by Dream Theater! But then comes the album’s longest track (Forsaken Dreams), which is one of the highlights. Stronger than Death continues in almost the same style, and then comes Dusk, which is the album’s finale, including a choir in the same style like Dawn; the opening song (and Tree of Life as well). 
  And just like that, 70 minutes have passed, and I reach my hand and press the “repeat” button. Because one time is not enough.
  I am not sure if I will finally include Rise in my list with the best 10 albums of 2017, but it seems very possible to happen. This is an album that definitely deserves your attention! Give it a try, and have your ears wide open!
                                4.0 (out of 5.0) stars
Here's a sample:

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