Thursday, September 24, 2015

PROG & ROLL Radio Show. The 4rth season is about to start...

Hello all!
  I'm writing this post in order to inform you that the online radio show Prog & Roll will have its 4rth season premier in just a few days, and to be more exact on Sunday the 27th of September. On this day we will celebrate altogether the new season's opening, together with the show's 3rd birthday.
  For those who aren't familiar with the subject, I should inform you that Prog & Roll is an internet radio show that comes online on every Sunday night at 20.00 UK time. It is a live show, and the broadcast is in English (mostly) and Greek. The hosts of this show are me and my wife, who is responsible for the English part of the broadcast.
  In these 3 years that Prog & Roll is online, it became a rather famous show, and I'm gald to see that our audience is increasing year by year. During these years we had people listening from places all over the world, including many European countries, and also Canada, United States, Mexico and even India.
  In order to make it more and more interesting, we try to present something different each year, that's why we are doing changes in the structure of the show every now and then.
 As for the music, we try to play many different styles and sub-genres of Rock music, including Classic Rock, Hard rock, Progressive Rock, Neo-Prog, Heavy and Prog Metal, Folk Rock etc.
  Especially during the last year, we had many musicians that were listening to our show on a frequent basis, and altogether we spend some wonderful nights by listening to music and chating through the chatbox.
 For all those who were not able to listen to the show live, or don't know how it sounds like, I uploaded some shows as a podcast, and if you are interested you can listen and/or download them.
Here are a couple of links:
Prog & Roll's 100th special show
The last Prog & Roll of the 3rd season
 So, if you are free on Sunday the 27th of September, you are invited in the new season's opening show. We will surely be very glad to "see you" in the chatbox, and spend 2 pleasant hours together,  filled with good music and a warm company. 
 Prog & Roll starts at 20.00 UK time (21.00 Italy & France, 22.00 Greece & Turkey), and you can listen by clicking this link:  
Thank you! :-)