Saturday, September 12, 2015

GFreedom's Juke Box No.135

 All those you are following my blog, or just checking it from time to time, should know by now that on (almost) every Saturday I'm writing here this 'Juke Box' post, which is my weekly Top-5 songlist.
So for this week, these are my 5 best songs:
JANE: Circle of Hands (Eternity - 2011)
LISA GERRARD: Largo (The Mirror Pool - 1995)
SUPERTRAMP: Crime of the Century (Crime of the Century - 1974)
PALLAS: Ghost Dancers (The Dreams of Men - 2005)
MYSTERY: Through Different Eyes Part.V: The Silent Scream (One Among the Living - 2010) 
And as usual, I'll add here the links for the YouTube videos of the songs in my list, in order for you to listen to them right away. Unfortunatelly I couldn't find Jane's Circle of Hands in the studio version.
SUPERTRAMP: Crime of the Century
PALLAS: Ghost Dancers
MYSTERY: The Silent Scream
Enjoy the music, and have a nice weekend!
Thank you. :-)