Monday, November 30, 2015

PROG & ROLL Radio Show (29/11/2015). The complete playlist

Hello all! :-)
 Last night it was the last Prog & Roll of November, and that's why the 'Listener's Happy Hour' was included, during which we play the songs that people form the audience are asking for, throughout the month.
 I am very pleased I have to say, because we had many people who were listening, and some of them were active on the chatbox as well.
 As for the show's playlist, you can see it here: 
VANDEN PLAS: Cold Wind / PAWN: The Princess is out Tonight / NIGHTWISH: Elan / IRON MAIDEN: Flight of Icarus / GRAND TOUR: The Horn of Plenty / CLEPSYDRA: God or Beggar / GALAHAD: Secret Kingdoms / ARENA: The Demon Strikes.
'Listener's Happy Hour': KWOON: I Lived on the Moon / GAZPACHO: Vera / QUEEN: The Prophet’s Song / HIGH SPIRITS: Full Power / MY BLOODY VALENTINE: Only Shallow / EIVOR: Bridges / VAN MORRISON: You Don’t Pull no Punches, but You Don’t Push the River / THE WHO: Baba O Riley / YES: Turn of the Century / RUSH: Cygnus X-1.
I would like to say a very big thanks to all those who are listening to our show, and with their support and devotion are giving us the strength to cary on.
 Prog & Roll will be online again on Sunday the 6th of December, with a special "theme" show, that we have been preparing since last week. I'll write a post about that in a few days, in order to inform you about what this show will be about.
Thank you all, and have a nice week! :-)