Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Clockwork Fable's presentation now available as a podcast.

Hello all!
  I’m writing this post in order to inform you that since today, the presentation we did  on the album The Clockwork Fable a couple of days ago in Prog & Roll, is available as a podcast. I decided to do that, because some people missed the show (or a part of it) and they wanted to listen to it. In the other hand, there were some people who are interested to download the show and keep it in their archive. As for myself, I really believe that it was a very nice and interesting show. For all those reasons, I decided to upload it as a podcast.
  So, in this podcast you will be able to listen to the whole Prog & Roll radio show we did on Sunday the 12th of June, including some parts of the interview we took from Stefan Hepe, the drummer of Gandalf’s Fist.  Further than that, you will listen to the whole playlist of that show, which was including 4 songs taken from the new excellent album of Gandalf’s Fist, The Clockwork Fable.
In case you are interested to listen and/or download the podcast, just click on the following link:
If you want to download it, just click on the 'download' icon underneath the player.
I hope you will find it interesting and enjoyable.
Thank you!