Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Crippled Black Phoenix: Respect!

   I learn about this band sometime ago from a friend, (thank you George), and from the first moments they gained my attention.
At start they were a side-project band, since almost all their members were playing in other bands, but now after many changes I believe they are a normal band. In their early steps and first albums, in their ranks was a greek guy as well, (Kostas Panagiotou) but not any more.
  Their sound changes all the time, and is not an easy listening group, that's for sure!
   They have a dark color in their music in most of their songs, lyrics that shoud not be ignored, and their songs are often long and complicated enough.
If you imagine that their 'hit song' lasts about 12 minutes, you can have an idea...
   I don't like putting 'labels' in bands, (at least not anymore), but if I have to put them under a category, I could say Progressive Rock. Not in the 70's way, but in a modern way. (Actually in their own way).
For anyone who can be interested to listen and get an idea, I strongly recomend the album 'I vigilante' as a starter.  Is maybe the most 'easy going', allthough I'm not sure if this term fits them in any way.
In any case, it is a very good album, but you will maybe have to listen  to it 2-3 times and then decide if you like it or not. That's my oppinion at least.
   Take a look at this video to get a small idea about them...