Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spotlights on: CAROL OF HARVEST

   Carol of Harvest is a widely unknown band from Germany. It was one of those bands that released one album in a private label and in a limited number of copies (500 if I'm not mistaken), and then vanished forever.
Their first (and last) record, named after the band's name, was released on 1978 and it is a great example of Progressive Rock. Their music consists of long arrangements with Moog synths, acid guitar solos, and the female voice that fits perfectly in the atmosphere of the album.
   With the passing years this record has been released a couple of times both in vinyl and cd, but again from small labels and in limited numbers.(The cd version is the one I  found myself). Therefore you can say it is kind of a collector's item. (The vinyl records).
I really tried to find more info on this band, but it seems impossible.
   So I decided to present them here without having actual informations to share with you, only because I believe that every Prog-Rock fan should have the opportunity to get to know them and listen to this album, which in my oppinion is a hidden jewel!
Here is the tracklist of the CD release:

1. Put On Your Nightcap (16:02)
2. You And Me (2:31)
3. Somewhere At The End Of The Rainbow (6:26)
4. Treary Eyes (4:17)
5. Try A Little Bit (9:59)
6. River (2:36) (Bonus Track)
7. Sweet Heroin (7:04) (Bonus Track)
8. Brickstone (1:14) (Bonus Track)

You can listen to a couple of songs from the afore-mentioned album here: