Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dead Can Dance are back!

  For all those who like Dead Can Dance, this  maybe will the best news you have heard so far this year!
The band is back with a new album (the first after 1996), and a world tour!
The amazing duo (Liza Gerrard and Bredan Perry) decided to re-unite again, andmake us beam with a bright smile.
   I was lucky enough to  see them on stage twice in the past, (at the Aion and Spiritchaser tours), and I have to say that watching them live is an experience nobody should miss. (As  long as you like them of course). They are always surrounded by 5-6 very good musicians, and let's not forget about Lisa Gerrard's voice.
   Luckily for their fans in Greece, they will make 2 appearances there. 21st of September at the Earth theater in Thessaloniki, and 23rd at the Lycabettus theater in Athens.
For more tour info visit:
Tickets are already for sale, but I don't think they will be for long... So hurry up!

  Here you can watch a couple of videos just to have an idea about their music and how they look when they are performing live.
Enjoy! :)