Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Killing. - TV Series

  Here's another Tv-Series I'll recomend to you.
Originally was a Danish tv series, lasted 20 episodes and finished.
The American version has 2 seasons already. The first one was 13 episodes, (2011) and the second one (and last I hope), just started. (1st of April).
   The first season is very well filmed, takes place in the rainy Seattle, (it actually rains all the time), and the whole atmosphere is gloomy and rather depresive. The scenario is very nice, with many surprises and turns, and that makes it very interesting to watch. Once you have started watching, after the first 1-2 episodes it is difficult to stop. At some point it reminded me of another series that were in the same motif, (Damages), but that doesn't make this one any less enjoying.
   The basis is an actual police story about a murder, but many surprises come every now and then, to twist the plot all the time.
So, if you like police stories with interesting scenarios, surprises, and nice atmosphere, I believe you'll find 'The Killing' very good. (Imdb 1st season rating: 7.9)
Here's a trailer so you can have a small idea :