Monday, April 16, 2012


Santorini (Thera), is located in the Aegean sea in the Cyclades complex. Together with Myconos are the most famous islands of Cyclades. It lies in an area of about 73.000 square meters, and has a population of about 14.000 people. The island we see today is the result of an enormous volcanic explosion that occured 3.600 years before, and changed forever the face of Aegean, while in the same time a huge tsunami destroyed the famous Minoan civilization. (Some historians claim that it is not true though, and Minoan civilization was destroyed many years later).
 Santorini took its name from the church of Saint Irene at Perissa. Before it was known as Kallisti, or Thera. (Actually Thera is the official name). The main port is 'Athinios', the capital is 'Fira', and the main archaeological site is 'Acrotiri'.
The last decades Santorini has been a very popular destination for tourists all over the world, and every year hundreds of thousands are visiting and enjoying this very beautiful and unique island.
The most famous places are: Fira, (the capital), Kamari and Perissa (with the famous beaches with black sand), and Oia with the astonishing sunset.
 The view from Fira to the Aegean and the volcano crater in the middle of the sea is simply breathtaking. There are no words to describe this feeling.
 As for myself, I feel extremely lucky because being from Greece gave me the priviledge (because it is a priviledge) to visit this amazing island 14 times so far!
   Chinese (I think) say that one picture equals with a thousand words. So I'm putting here a few thousands words with these pictures, so you can have a small idea of the beauty of this island...