Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spotlights on: ESPERS

When I listened to Espers for the first time I was completely taken in!
And when I found out later on that they were Americans, I was really very surprised! I mean I could bet my home over the fact that these guys are from England. (thank God I didn't) hehehe.
If you read a little bit about them, and listen to their music you will maybe understand why...
   Well, as I just wrote Espers are from the United States. (Philadelphia). They are an actual Folk-Rock band, and they are one of those bands that are a part of what is called 'British Folk-Rock revival'.
   They were formed as a trio at 2002, but later on they were expanded to a sextet. Their sound is a lot like the English Folk-Rock bands of the late '60's and early '70's, but from time to time you can understand also their psychedelic influences. (In my opinnion early Pink Floyd especially).
    Their music consists of very beautiful melodies, sad tunes, and soft vocals. It is actually the kind of music during which you close your eyes and dream... But in case you don't like them, if you close your eyes you'll propably fall asleep...:P
   Their self titled debut album was released on 2004, and it was followed by the album 'The Weed Tree' on 2005. (This album contains 6 cover versions from other artists, and 1 of their own). On 2006 they released their 3rd album titled 'Espers II'. (Probably because the Weed Tree was not containing original material). Their last record was released on 2009 and it was titled as 'Espers III'.
   I'm not sure if it is a good idea to recommend this band in general. The ones that know about British Folk-Rock, or the ones that like soft melodic tunes, I believe they will find this band at least interesting. But all of you who don't fall under these categories, probably you willfind them kind of boring...
  I'm putting here a couple videos, in order for you to be able to get an idea about Espers...
 On the first Video you can listen to the beautiful 'Meadow', and on the second one to a cover version of the song ' Flaming Telepaths', that was originally recorded by Blue Oyster Cult.