Saturday, May 26, 2012

GFreedom's Juke Box #1

   This is a new entry in the series of posts of this blog.
When I'm home most of the times there is music playing. Or in the background while I'm dealing with something, or when I'm sitting down to enjoy the songs I choose to listen.
So here's an idea that came to my mind last night. At the end of every week, I will choose the 5 most beloved songs I listened in the past days and I will put them here in a small list.
Not in order (like No.1 No.2 etc), but altogether. So you will be able to see what my 'juke box' is playing, and maybe take some ideas about things you don't know yet, or have forgotten through the years...
   I will be posting this 'Juke Box' list every Saturday.
So, this is my list of the 5 songs I really enjoyed this week...

Black Sabbath: Into the Void (Masters of Reality) (1971)
Crippled Black Phoenix: Fantastic Justice (I Vigilante) (2010)
Marillion: Grendel (single) (1982)
Madrugada: What's on your mind (Madrugada) (2008)
Cockney Rebel: Death Trip(The Human Menagerie) (1973)