Thursday, May 24, 2012

Books: I Am OZZY

  This time I will not write about records, but I will present a book which I believe everyone should read at some time! And I don't mean only Black Sabbath fans, I mean everybody!
'I Am Ozzy' is the autobiography of John Michael Osbourne (or just Ozzy), and it is co-written by Ozzy himself and Chris Ayers. (It is widely known that Ozzy has a dyslexia problem).
   The book is 416 pages long, begins with his childhood,  then the Black Sabbath period, continuing with his solo career years, and it reaches up to 4-5 years back from now.
   Upon it's release it received very good critics and made massive sales everywhere.It was praised by its readers, and has a rating of 4.6/5 in amazon boostore.
And why? Because it is a very enjoyable book to read! It is written in a light style with lots of humour and describes many serious incidents from Ozzy's life in a very funny way. Especially until the end of Black Sabbath's era it is hillarious! Of course as you can easily understand the pages of the book are filled with alcohol and drugs of any kind. But again, all these are described in such a funny way that you will find yourself laughing like crazy on many occasions.
   I started reading this book mainly out of curiosity, but I have to say that at some point it was difficult to leave it aside and continue reading it the next day. So, I finished it in 3-4 days and I really really enjoyed it!
   For all these reasons I just mentioned, I decided to make a small presentation here, and I really hope that some of you will read it and find it nice and interesting like I did.