Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tales from the Progressive Oceans Part. 7

                             RUSH: '2112' and 'A FAREWELL TO KINGS'.
   Is Rush Progressive? I would have to say 'definitely yes'. Are they playing Rock? Well, not exactly.
If there was a convenient term to describe their music and style, that would be 'Progressive Hard Rock'.
But in any case, Rush is one of the finest and most skilled bands that appeared in the '70's.
 Don't forget that they are only 3 people in the band's line up. That's all!
 Let's take a look at these two albums now...                                       
   '2112' was released in the spring of 1976, and it's their 4th album. Their 3rd album 'Caress of Steel' didn't sell well, so their company was pressing them to leave aside their Prog experiments, and try to record something more simple. (Caress of Steel  was containing 2 multiparts songs. On A-side the 12 minute-long 'Necromancer', and the whole B-side was filled with the 20 minute-long epic 'Fountain of Lamneth').
   Instead, Rush decided to follow their own ideas and music preferences, and the result was their most famous record by far.
 2112 is considered to be a concept album, but it isn't. The A-side is a concept, containing a Sci-Fi story from the year 2112, but the B-side's songs are unrelated with this story.
   That record was their big breakthrough. Upon its release it entered Billboard Hot 100 album chart, received very good critics, and within the year became gold.
   The band became suddenly famous & started to fill bigger stadiums, their album sales were increasing fast, so now they were free to do whatever they like in the studio.
And what they did was to record another excellent record! One year later, and while 2112 success and fame was still increasing, they released the album 'A Farewell to Kings'. This album has nothing to do with the previous one except one point: It is also an excellent album!                        
   Upon its release it 'stepped' on the continuing success of 2112, and became gold within 2 months in the U.S.A, and later the next year platinum. It contains 6 songs, and almost all of them are equally good!
It also contains the song 'Madrigal', which is one of the shortest songs Rush ever recorded.
   After these two albums Rush's fame reached new levels, and their career took a very big turn.
Rush is still active in our days, releasing new albums and performing live, but if anyone wants to start from somewhere, these 2 records should be a good starting point.
   I'm posting 2 videos here, including one song from each record.
                      My Personal Rating8.5 (For both records)...