Friday, July 6, 2012

Metallica & Ozzy Live...

I found this video some time ago, and I thought of sharing it with you.
A few days ago it was Ozzy's & friends concert in Athens. Originally it was Black Sabbath's, but since Tony Iommi is facing serious health problems, the whole tour was canceled. Instead Ozzy appeared on the stage together with Geezer Butler and some "friends", in order to give for everybody there a crazy Rock concert. A friend of mine that was there that night promised a review.
If he will write it, I will post it here ASAP.
   But until then, here is a video for you from the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame a few years back.
Ozzy is on stage with Metallica, and together they are performing a couple of very famous songs... ;)
Yes, maybe he is old, maybe his voice is not like it was before, but he is Ozzy!
 And he is together with Metallica on the same stage!
So, I hope you will enjoy this one... :)