Thursday, July 5, 2012

LEMMY: White Line Fever

Another book presentation here for you folks.
   After reading Ozzy's book, I wanted to sneak into Lemmy's life as well, so I started reading this book.
But Lemmy is not Ozzy. Lemmy is the tough guy, whilst Ozzy is the clown of Rock n Roll. And that's the way this book is written. 'White Line Fever' is written in a more serious way, describing Lemmy's life from his early days, (the Hawkwind years), and of course the Motorhead years.
  The book is filled with alcohol, drugs of many kinds, and sex. These are mixed with the crazy world of Rock n Roll, musicians, agents, record companies, and all these together are creating a highly explosive mixture!
   As I mentioned in the presentation of Ozzy's book, at many points I was crying from laughter! This did not happened here. Everything is writen in a more serious way, more objectively, and for all the things that happened in Lemmy's life, is for the reader to decide if he/she likes them or not. Of course there are some funny parts as well, but in general the book is serious enough.
   It is a very intresting and easy going book to read, (assuming that the reader is interested in Lemmy's life of course), but towards the end I found it a bit boring. But up to 1980's is very good and enjoyable.
   I will not recommend it to everyone as I did with Ozzy's book, that's for sure! But for the ones that knows and respect Lemmy, then this book is a 'must'! Let's not forget that Mr.Killminster is one of the biggest and most authentic figures in the Rock n Roll world...