Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dead Can Dance: An Update & Setlist

I have to admit that although I knew for a long time now that I couldn't go to this concert, and as the days are closing by, I feel more and more sad...
I am a fan of them since 1989, I have seen them live twice, but that doesn't make it any easier...
Anyway, I tried to find some information for all of you that will go on next Friday or Sunday to see them on stage. (On Friday is the concert in Thessaloniki and on Sunday in Athens).
 I have read some great reviews about their concerts in the States and Europe so far, so get ready!
For those who like surprises, do not read this post because you will learn the setlist.
I made a small research and I found various setlists from many concerts. As I found out, their playlists are almost the same with only a couple of changes.
In a few shows they didn't play "The Host of Seraphim", but in the majority they did. Also they play one cover version of Tim Buckley's 'Song to the Siren'. But again in a few shows they don't.
   Now, as you might have known already, they play one Greek song. (Well, that is the second cover version of their show). Is the song "Ειμαι πρεζακιας" from Roza Eskenazi. (The song is called "Ime prezakias" which means 'I am a junkie', and is a very old song from a specific category called "Rebetiko").
I may have an idea of what's gonna happen when they play this song in Greece... ;)
And closing this post I'm posting one setlist in order to get an idea of what you are gonna see in a few days...
The setlist is from their concert in Atlanta USA, on the 5th of September...

Children of the Sun
Lamma Bada
The Host of Seraphim
Ime Prezakias
Now we are Free
All in Good time
The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove
Dreams made Flesh
Encore No.2
Song to the Siren
Return of the She-King
Encore No.3
Rising of the Moon