Tuesday, September 25, 2012

GFreedom's Team Presents: Prog & Roll Radio Show...

Hello everybody!
It is my pleasure to announce that from next Thursday 25/9 and every Thursday after this, me & my wife will have a 2-hour Radio show at an internet radio.
The broadcasting will be in 2 languages: Greek and English, so many people will be able to understand what we will be talking about. Otherwise it will be all Greek to you! :P hehehe
The show it is called 'Prog & Roll', and it will be about Progressive Rock music, but with a very wide use of the term 'Progressive'. The best term it would be 'Progressive Orientated'.
We will be playing music from the '60's up to our days.
The show will start at 21.00 GMT and will be finishing 2 hours later at 23.00. (at night). According to the country you live, you can add or substract a few hours in order to see what time it will be in your country. For example in Greece will be between 23.00 - 01.00, in England 21.00 - 23.00, etc...
On Sunday morning we did our first trial broadcasting, and tomorrow we have the second and last one.Tomorrow's trial will be at 10.00 GMT (in the morning) and will last 1 hour.
If anyone is in the mood, he/she can log in and listen.
Now, the name of this on-line radio is: JustIn Case Progressive Radio, and you can find it here:

Thank you all in advance! :)