Monday, February 25, 2013

Prog & Roll last night's special radio show...

Good morning all!
As I mentioned a few days ago, last night was our 20th radio show since we started on Just In Case Radio.
So we wanted to make something different. The idea was to play the whole English alphabet from A-Z, and present one band for each letter. But for that we needed more time than the usual 2 hours.
So, The Prog Alphabet lasted fro 2.5 hours, and it was successful! Many people joined us, the chatbox was again on fire, and as far as I saw from the grades, everybody enjoyed another very good show.
Because it was a special show we tried to play some very known bands and some very famous songs, but we had also a few surprises to the program. As for the songs, I have to say that there was a fierce competition in order to enter the Top-5. To understand what I'm talking about here is an example: The 5th song in  the Top-5 had an average of 8.33 points, and the 10th song  had an average of 7.95 points!
Anyway, I'm posting here last night's Top- 5 songs, and further down the whole playlist...

1. URIAH HEEP: July Morning
2. MARILLION: Heart of lothian
3. GENESIS: Twilight Alehouse
4. PINK FLOYD: Welcome to the Machine
5. KING CRIMSON: In the Court of the Crimosn King.

From these 5 songs, the first 4 managed to gather the average of 8.5 that is required in order to participate in the final stage that will take place on next Sunday's show, in order to claim the title as 'Song of the Month".
And since we don't have another show on this month, I'm informing you that on next Sunday's Prog & Roll we will have 10 songs that will participate for this title. 10 songs that their average points were from 8.5 minimum, up to 8.89 the maximum. Now imagine the competition! hehehehe
Finishing this post, I'm putting here the whole playlist from last night:

ARENA – The Hanging Tree / BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST – For no One (Live) / CAMEL – Rhayander / DREAM THEATER – Burning my soul / ELOY – Gliding into Light and Knowledge / FOCUS – Black Beauty / GENESIS – Twilight Alehouse / PETER HAMMIL – Candle / THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND – Saturday Maybe / JETHRO TULL – My God / KING CRIMSON – In the Court of the Crimson King / LUCIFER’S FRIEND – Spanish Galleon / MARILLION – Heart of Lothian / NEKTAR – Wings/ MIKE OLDFIELD  - 5 Miles Out / PINK FLOYD – Welcome to the Machine / QUEEN – Somebody to Love / RUSH – The Spirit of Radio / STRAWBS – Hero & Heroine / TRAFFIC – Dear Mr. Fantasy / URIAH HEEP – July Morning / VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR – Wondering / WILL O THE WISP – Elbereth / XII ALFONSO – Charles Darwin / YES – Beyond & Before / FRANK ZAPPA – Peaches & Regalia.

Thank you all that joined us last night, and helped us have a great fun night altogether!