Sunday, February 3, 2013

Prog & Roll Radio Show: Song of the month!

Hello all!
Tonight is our first show for February, and as I have already announced it is the big event!
On tonight's show our audience will chose which will be the song of the past month. (And the first of 2013's Top-12).
During the whole month we were asking from our audience to grade each song we play. All the songs that achieved an average of 8.5 (or more) were put aside in a list. And tonight we will play these songs, and ask from our audience to grade again, but this time considering many options. The technical aspects, the inspiration, the melody, the overall composition, and so on...
There are 11 songs from 10 different bands in total. And at the end of tonight's show we will have the best song for January. Of course I'm not planning to write here which bands and songs are in that list right now.. But I will write a post here tomorrow with the whole list, and of course the winning song!
 So if tonight you are in the mood for some really good music, and a good fun, just join our radio show!
The broadcasting is in English and Greek, it is starting at 20.00 GMT (22.00 Greek time), and lasts for two hours. in the first 30-45 minutes will listen our normal program. But exactly after that, the contest will start.
You can log in here if you want:
Thank you all in advance! :)