Monday, February 18, 2013

Prog & Roll Radio Show...

                               Last Night's Top-5 and Playlist...
  Hello everbody! :)
  Last night we had another radio show, as we usualy have on every Sunday night...
This time we had in mind to make something different, that's why the playlist was more Rock based than Prog, and we mixed the program a bit. We didn't separate our program in parts like we usualy do, but we played many different songs altogether. The result? I think it was good.
There were enough people online listening to our show, and I believe we all had some good time finally.
  This was our 19th radio show since we started, so that means that on next Sunday it will be our 20th.
So we thought to make a small celebration by doing something 'special'.
So, on next Sunday's Prog & Roll we decided to put play music according to the English alphabet!
What does that mean?
  We will start from letter A and continue until we reach on letter Z, and we will play one band from each letter. We will try to play some characteristic band from each letter, although in some cases it will be tough to choose. So be sure that there will be some surprises...  We will play 26 songs in total, and because of that the duration of our show will be a bit longer. Eh, it will be a special evening after all!
  Now it is time to post here last night's Top-5 songs as they were graded by our audience for you to see.
  Here we go:

1. Rainbow: Stargazer
2. Manfred Mann's Earth Band: Solar Fire
3: Marillion: Sugar Mice
4: Pavlov's Dog: Fast Gun
5. T.Rex: Children of the Revolution.

And here you can see the whole playlist from last night' Prog & Roll:

The Who: The Real Me - Led Zeppelin: Heartbreaker - Siena Root: Coming Home - 
High Tide: Walking Down their Outlook -  Phantom: Tales from a Wizard - David Bowie: Velvet Goldmine - Cockney Rebel: Psychomodo - Roxy Music: Virginia Plain - T.Rex: Children of the Revolution - Rainbow: Stargazer - Thin Lizzy: Black Rose - IQ: You Never Will - Jadis: G.13 - Shadow Gallery: Torn - Shaman: Fairy Tale - Manfred Mann's Earth Band: Solar Fire - Cressida: Munich - Pavlov's Dog: Fast Gun - Pendragon: Paintbox - Marillion: sugar Mice.

I want to thank all of you that were there last night, and I hope I'll see you on next Sunday's special radio show. Have a nice day everyone! :)