Saturday, March 2, 2013

GFreedom's Juke Box Nο. 35

Hello folks!
 As many of you know already, since sometime now I have decided that every Saturday I will be writing here the best 5 of all the songs I have listened during the week.
Well, in this last week I was very busy preparing tomorrow's radio program, because it will be a special one, and furthermore I had to write a couple of album reviews, etc...
So I listened to lots of music, and here is the list with the 5 songs that in my opinion were the best:

Love: The Castle (Da Capo) - 1967
Dodson & Fogg: Flying high (Derring Do) - 2013
Donovan: Atlantis (Barabajagal) - 1969
Van Morrison: See Me Through (Hymns to the Silence) - 1991
Galahad: Empires Never Last (Empires Never Last) - 2007